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We are dedicated in helping people to improve their collective physical, mental and spiritual selves enabling them to perform at their peak more consistently.

Roger Jones

Mental Skills Coach

Sam Jones

Development & Performance

Lily Jones

HR & Marketing

Abovo Associates

Sports Science People

Abovo specialise in assessing individuals to fully engage them in ther fun environment with creative exercise and thorough food programmes designed for junior and youth development, leading to their full professional sports science and body analysis service to incorporate a unique adult fitness experience.

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Roger Jones:

I have been involved in sport all my life as a player, coach, manager and parent.  I played Rugby and Football whilst also participating in boxing, judo, basketball, volleyball, water polo, cycling, sailing and many outdoor activities. I began with school teams before joining the RAF where I took a more active role playing both rugby and football at senior levels.  


When my eldest son was involved as a junior, I shifted from a footballing parent to helping at the grassroots level.  As time progressed I became an assistant coach, manager and Development Officer for a newly established junior football club that I helped create.  While my son progressed and playing at a good level (County 1st Division), joining a Brazilian Football Academy and being trialled at a Premiership club, before deciding to go to University, my daughter began playing socially and I began a girls football team at her school.   


I took several FA Coaching badges, Sports Therapy and psychology courses and as my own intrest grew so did my injuries and age.  With my experience and qualifications I was privileged enough to join the RAF Football Association U23s Development Squad to assist in their progression; from coaching, therapist, masseuse, data analyst and kit man.  After 5 seasons with the team I found myself regularly working on the player's development.  Realising there was a greater link to the understanding of the whole-self, mental preparation and a players performance (on and of the pitch) than was generally being recognised.    


As an instructor at the RAF's training academy teaching leadership and management to newly promoted personnel.  This incorporated outdoor training scenarios, high ropes and low ropes courses and applying high pressured challenges over an extensive training area.  Teaching a variety of leadership and management lessons to incorporate group dynamics, presentations, equality and diversity, welfare and morale as well as more formal military lectures in key subjects including Mission Command and Communication.


During this period I qualified as an NLP Practitioner and gained additional qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring, team dynamics and using training tools such as BELBIN, MTC and SDI.  I began to use these skills in coaching sport and saw the overall benefit to the players and participants. Equally doing a degree in Leadership and Management to combine these skills and continue my own development.  It is now generally accepted by all professional teams globally that a combination of elements help make the best perform better.  

I aim to help anyone develop their current skill set to an improved level while enabling them to experience new ones and increase their own personal development.  As I am currently fortunate enough to be employed in the RAF and passionate about helping others looking to help themselves, I can continue to develop the attributes above, to maintain and improve my personal skills and combine these into my work with individuals seeking a different perspective on coaching.


My principal involvement although not exclusively is with football players at academy level English Premier League and Championship clubs. Providing coaching and mentoring in their progression to gain full professional contracts. 



  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Dip Coaching & Mentoring

  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI) L5 Cert Management & Leadership

  • Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) L4 Leadership & Management

  • Defence Instructor Assessment & Development (DIAD)

  • ANLP Certified Practitioner

  • EQ-i Practitioner/Assessor

  • FA Sports Therapist - Intermediate

  • FA Coach - L2

  • CRB Current


Additional Qualifications in:

Conflict Management, Listening Skills, Firstd Aid, Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Mobile Team Challenge, Defence Instructor Techniques


Affiliated Organisations:




Sam Jones BA Hons:

I am an active sportsman and keenly interested in fitness and nutrition, I am studying to utilise these skills further and assist in the development of Player Profile and its participants.


By looking at all aspects of your nutrition and fitness we can plan to develop something specific for you. I believe in managing all components of mind, body and spirit to help you work at your optimum.  In using my own experience of football and  knowing  the true dedication required, as well as the understanding of what it takes to get the edge over others I aim to improve your own capabilities.


​I recently completed a degree in philosophy at Liverpool University and a course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).





At Player Profile we have been connected with many organisations when helping players achieve their full potential. This includes other experts in their field identifying potential players for professional clubs. We have a keen interest in finding the right club for players we have assisted and getting the right people to assist in this process is essential.

One of those include:


Abovo Associates - Sports Science

Andrew Holloway - Brighton & Hove Albion FC


Players tutored from clubs:

Everton FC

Torino FC (Italy)

FK Partizan Belgrade (Serbia)

Shrewsbury Town FC

Afan Lido FC

Rochdale AFC

Blackburn Rovers FC

Norwich City FC

Watford FC

Crystal Palace FC

La Spezia FC (Italy)

Arsenal FC

Arsenal Ladies FC

Wycombe Wanderers FC

Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Reading FC


Other Sports:

England Hockey, Oxford City Athletic (Running) Club, London Wasps RFC,

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